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Less of Me…

Remember last year when I wrote that long post about slowing down and spending more time with my family??.. (here’s the link). Well as many of my close family and friends know, I actually let myself become even more busy than I already was! So, as my crazy year is winding down, God has revealed some things to me that I need to share.

1) Success is not measured by money or the number of “wow, that’s amazing” comments I get on facebook.
I’ve struggled with this for some time. What does it truly mean to be successful? How far do I want to take my business? What do I want to acheive? To the world, I believe success is measured in monetary value and praises…but God is showing me that success is completely different. What if success isn’t making a $100 k a year, but rather it’s teaching your children how to say “please” and “thankyou”? What if success isn’t getting 5000 likes on facebook, but rather making dinner when you’ve had the roughest day? What if success is reading a story to your kids at night, or dropping off dinner to a family going through hardship? I’ve been so busy trying to be “successful” from the world’s standpoint, that I have failed to realize…..I already have achieved many successes! And everyday is a new opportunity to succeed even more.
2) No is not a bad word.
For the longest time, those two little letters never came out of my mouth (except when talking to my children!). I felt I had an obligation to complete strangers to make them happy, to let people walk over me and take advantage of me. Not with just my business, but in all aspects of life. If someone needed something and I really didn’t want to do it, I still said yes, because I was afraid they would be upset with me, or that I would somehow get struck by lightning for saying no. But, God is showing me that I can say no, and I will say no…and it’s completely FREEING!!
3) God is the only thing that will truly fulfill me.
I think I struggle with the meaning of success and saying no to people, because I try to fulfill myself with all of the wrong things. I get obsessed with trying to acheive perfection in many things…with my work (not to be confused with house work…definitely not striving for perfection there!!), and I seriously struggle with my body image….buying products that say they will “lift this” and “tone that” when all they do is deflate my pocketbook. When will I see that it’s not about me being perfect, but it’s about knowing the ONE who is perfect, Jesus Christ.
So with these truths being revealed to me, I will be slowing down my business next year (really, I mean it!!) I have made some changes in the way I do things and how sessions will be booked (you can find most of the changes on my website under the FAQ tab at the top). But, most of all with this post, I just want to encourage you! You are wonderful, you are beautiful (or handsome), you are successful, and most importantly, you are a child of God.

Listen to this wonderful reminder! (don’t forget to mute the blog music player to your right before clicking play)

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