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Embracing Each New Butt Dimple…some very candid pregnancy talk

I’m so very blessed and grateful to be pregnant with my fourth child (most likely another boy, but we are waiting to find out the sex until he/she is here). With all of the wonderful things a pregnancy brings, such as laying in bed and watching my belly move…there are some not so great things that happen to me….

I’ve never been a skinny pregnant person, you know, the ones that just have a cute belly and don’t gain weight anywhere else…I gained 65 pounds my first pregnancy and around 45-55 for my next two. I’m short, I have about 9 pound babies, my body likes to get fat….(sure, my addiction to fast food, iced coffee, and twix candy bars doesn’t help, but that’s beside the point)…. I struggle with my reflection in the mirror, especially now that cellulite is encrouching my legs and butt this time around. I’m really trying to love my growing figure, but I can’t stand it when my thighs rub against each other, I swear, in this heat I will need to put some vaseline between my legs to prevent chaffing. My husband reassures me that I’m beautiful, so I am really trying to look at each new dimple as a gift…(hopefully a gift that stops giving, but a gift none the less)
If I would have known what my body (specifically my upper two women parts) would like now, I would have seriously enjoyed them much more before I had children. I went from a perky B-cup to a wapping G after giving birth, I could have fed a neighborhood with my milk supply. I had over 250 4oz bags of milk stored in two months, aside from nursing! And after a year or more of nursing, my ladies didn’t go back to their perky B….they were more like skin folds wadded into an A cup. Right now, I’m embracing their once again fullness, but am sure they will not stay this way long. I guess I will have to invest in some great bras that make them look halfway normal.
And sorry if this is too personal….l need to address the H word…that’s right “hemmies” otherwise known as hemmorhoids. It’s pretty embarrassing when you are walking like a duck in meijer because your rear end itches and you are trying to relieve the itch without drawing attention to yourself. What’s worse is when it comes to a point you have to stop pushing your cart and go buy some tucks pads and run to the bathroom before you can continue shopping!!

Along with my changing body is my changing mood…I am a walking ball of emotions. It seems like if I’m not crying, I’m yelling…why? I have no idea..but I just snap, so I’m sorry if you have been at the end of my emotional flare ups, they are not intended and I’m hoping I return to a more stable emotional state soon.
I’m not intending to scare anyone away from having children, I just wanted to share the things that people don’t generally tend to talk about and hopefully draw some humor from them…I can honestly say, I wouldn’t change anything… the result of my suffering on the outside, is a beautiful, wonderful life. A gift God formed in my womb, a gift He knew before I did. If I have to endure saggy boobs and nine months of constipation for my children, then by all means, bring on the victoria secret and miralax…it’s worth all of it.

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