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Piper | Fort Wayne, IN Birth Photography

I was honored to have been able to photograph a beautiful baby girl’s birth early Saturday morning (and when I say early..I mean 12:11 am!) My friend and photographer buddy, Erika, had asked me to take birth pictures at the beginning of her pregnancy, and I was pumped! I had just finished a session on Friday when I received a text from Erika saying her water broke. I was so excited, but yet a bit nervous for her, because she was only 35 weeks along. I made some arrangements for my kiddos and headed back into Fort Wayne to document Erika’s journey. It was such an amazing experience to witness her daughter’s birth…there were so many emotions……….I wanted to cry, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to see through my lens if I did! Congrats Erika and Todd (and family) on your precious little one!

Erika’s sister deciding what the baby should wear..

Erika felt calm when she had her phone…there were so many texts and messages from friends and family to encourage her!

…but no one could encourage her like her mom…..!

the pain and pressure definitely got worse…the baby was coming soon!

after some hand holding and only 11 minutes of pushing….

sweet baby Piper was born!
Because she was early, the nicu nurses had to take her and make sure her lungs and oxygen level were normal…

It was hard to watch mom and dad wait to see if their precious baby girl was going to be ok….

after a little oxygen and some love…baby Piper was declared healthy!

then it was holding time!

So so proud of you Erika, you were amazing, brave, and wonderful….God has certainly blessed you!

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