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I’ve Fallen in Love….With Paper

I’ve fallen in love….with paper. Yeah, I know what you are thinking, “What kind of crazy is she?”, but let me tell you, if you love invitations (of any kind!), you will fall in love with Basic Invite. Seriously, I’m not sure why the company decided to call themselves “basic”, when there is definitely nothing basic about them, they are all luxurious and can be customized to the hills people! I used Basic Invite for bridal shower invitations last summer, and boy were they stunning, I even got matching stickers for the envelopes to complete the look. But, today, I want to talk about maybe an overlooked invitation, especially for weddings…’s the rehearsal dinner invitation! First off, when you use a rehearsal invite, you look like you’ve got it all together and more importantly, it clarifies who is actually invited (you know you have a few people who assume they should be invited…crazy Aunt Sue).  Plus, if you keep up on wedding etiquette these days, sending rehearsal invitations are a big YES! Rehearsal dinners themselves are a great way for family members and friends to get acquainted before the big day (and they can chat about how awesome your invites are).

So what separates Basic Invite from every other online printing company? Well, I’m glad you asked….

Basic Invite has a bajillion colors to choose from (yes, bajillion is a word…maybe)! You can customize almost anything on the invites and best of all, you can see the changes in real time. There are over 180 different color options….this is simply amazing.

They have custom samples so you can have it sent to you before you place a large order. Who wants to order over a hundred invitations and “hope” they are just right? No one.

Not only are there a bajillion colors for the invites, there are over 40 colors of envelopes! And no one is going to die from licking envelopes like George’s girlfriend on Seinfeld (I just dated myself), because all of the envelopes are peel and seal…..also amazing.

Basic Invite has over 800 wedding invitation sets…sets! Which means you can get everything from save the dates, wedding invitations, enclosure cards, wedding menus, programs, and thank you cards that match!

Don’t want to address all those envelopes by hand? Basic Invite has a FREE address collection service. Simply share a link, collect addresses, and get free envelope printing….um yes!

And let’s just say the words…rose gold and foil printing…..yes, times two!

Not only can you get the most beautiful custom wedding invitations online, but you can also get a FREE wedding website!  The sites are mobile friendly and super easy to customize and use.

And, the best for last, I’ve partnered up with Basic Invite to give you a 20% discount and FREE shipping!! Just use code: NICOLEMOREHEAD at checkout.


Here are a few quick samples of some rehearsal invitations.

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