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    Mattea and Nathan are absolutely adorable together….let me just say, Nathan is over the moon for Mattea (which, of course he should be!)  He looks at her like she is the only person in the room, they were simply meant for each other (yay, for blind dates!…yep, that’s how this love story began!) Their wedding day was sort of cold…..let me rephrase that….it was absolutely bone chilling. My lips got chapped and my fingers were so numb, I could barely feel my camera (but why am I complaining, Mattea and her bridesmaids were outside without a coat!).  Did I mention this was a New Year’s Eve wedding? What an awesome way to ring in the new year as husband and wife. Congrats Mattea and Nathan!

Amber and R.J.’s wedding was a dream. Everything ran smoothly and timely, and Amber was the picture of elegance. All of the details came together…and let me just say, the Empyrean downtown  (where the girls got ready and where the reception was hosted that night) were amazing to work with. The attention to detail and customer service they gave was phenomenal. The flowers were done by my friends at Be Married…I can’t say enough great things about them as well! Take a look, I’m pretty sure you may want to have a winter wedding!

Kaleb and Kendra’s wedding day was gorgeous, even though the wind almost blew us away! Kendra got ready in The Second Story, which is an absolutely wonderful, fully furnished suite above salon 210 (seriously, I could totally live there forever). We took all of the pictures before the wedding and everything went pretty smoothly…except for when I asked Kaleb to sit on the church steps and somehow he managed to cut his hand…which of course we bandaged up with duck tape (note to self: bring bandaids to every wedding). He was such a trooper and it gave us all a good laugh.  And Kendra…wow, she was so beautiful and I loved her smile!

Doug and Robin had a wonderful (at times crazy!) wedding a few short weeks ago. There were a few hiccups in the day….like Robin’s dad’s pants being way too BIG and SHORT….and her brother’s pants being left at the hotel, which pushed the start time of the wedding back a bit…but oh the memories!! Luckily, Robin had a wonderful Aunt Janet, a super woman maid of honor, Katie, and an  “Aunt” Linda  (better known as my mom) who helped save the day!  The ceremony was gorgeous….they walked out of the church and got into an old family car (what a beauty it was!) and then headed around Indy to take the rest of the pictures. It was a fun, memorable day and I wish Doug and Robin the best as they start their lives as husband and wife!!
This next picture cracks me up.  Katie, the maid of honor, was getting a bit stressed as it was about time to leave for the church and Robin was still getting her hair done….
And here are Robin’s dad’s famous pants!! Sorry Mark, I won’t let you live this one down…it’s too funny. 

 Kevin and Maegan had a wonderful wedding day in Churubusco. Family and friends gathered to witness their vows and celebrate. All of the details came together, Maegan was simply stunning, and love was certainly in the air!