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Ashlyn and Charles are one of my favorite couples, they smile non-stop and are genuinely kind and loving. Their wedding day went smoothly, everyone was a joy to work with, and Ashlyn’s gorgeous blue eyes made me swoon. The only hiccup was when my sandal broke at the reception…no one noticed except for my assistant (who couldn’t stop laughing) and the dj, who offered me some huge crocks to wear. It wasn’t anything a safety pin and a little foot dragging couldn’t fix! (and yes, I thought I packed extra shoes, but never grabbed them off of the table before I left)….I digress….I love the way Charles can just pick up Ashlyn and swing her around, how his arms can wrap around her entire body…they simply fit together perfectly!

Greg and Kristy Jo were absolutely sweet. I’m so blessed to have such laid back clients, who just go with the flow, never get stressed out, who just have a blast and enjoy each moment. The way Greg looked at Kristy Jo was just beautiful…I mean what girl doesn’t cry when a man gets teary eyed by the gorgeousness of his bride??!! 

    A few weeks ago I was blessed to photograph Jessica and Derek’s wedding in Fort Walton/Destin, Florida….and oh, do I want to go back!! The sun, the perfect (not too hot) white sand, the ocean waves crashing against the shore….the feeling of the sand squishing between my toes…and a wedding, what more could I have asked for?! I brought my friend and second shooter Olivia with me to relish in the rays and keep me company during our free time….and of course work like crazy when we were shooting (thanks so much!!). We started our adventure with little to no sleep, because we shot a wedding on Friday night and went straight to Indy afterwards to fly to Florida.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t a direct flight, so it took a bit longer to get there (and back, but that’s another story) than we wanted…but we made it, camera gear and all! We were able to celebrate with Jessica and Derek at their rehearsal that night, and then were up bright and early to photograph their Sunday wedding! There were some hiccups during the day, but Jessica was such a calm, gentle spirited bride (I need to learn from her!!) and didn’t let anything bother her. Jessica and Derek exchanged vows on the beach and then we headed out for a little ocean cruise. We ended the night back at the hotel to celebrate and had the best pizza ever….seriously, the pizza was the bomb. The next day, I spent a little more time with Jessica and Derek taking pictures at the beach and around town.  Derek treated Olivia and I to smoothies and dinner. He even tried to convince us to go zip lining, but I left that one to them (I won’t say whose face looked scared when coming off the zipline…hmmmderekhhhmm).  So, grab some coffee and relax…and try to soak up the sun from their images!!

 Linae and Trever are the kindest people…very polite, calm, and super sweet. Their wedding day was just as laid back as them. The only hiccup in the day was when it rained for the pictures of Linae and Trever together…fortunately, the church had a little overhang and we were able to stay dry! (mostly dry anyway!) I’ve been super blessed to have such amazing clients, whose beauty is evident both inside and out. Congrats Linae and Trever, I wish you nothing but the best!

Sometimes I meet clients and it’s like I have known them forever, and that’s exactly how it was with Ryan and Becky. I can’t say enough great things about these two…they are simply one the best (who happened to be referred to me by another one of my all time favorite couples Samantha and Nathan!) The day went really smooth, considering the rain (I just can’t seem to get away from rain lately!) and I had so much fun watching these two awesome people. Their love simply radiated…I know, that sounds corny, but seriously, it’s true. Their families, their bridal party, their guests were all funny, kind, and gracious. I’m grateful for my clients and consider it a blessing to be able to be a part of one of the most special days in their life! Congrats Ryan and Becky, may God bless you as you begin your marriage together!
yes, this is how most of my clients look at me….haaa, love it!