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Joe is a senior from my old stomping grounds….Wayne Trace High School. I had a ton of fun with this sweet guy. Joe is usually never seen without wearing one of his two favorite’ll see them in a second, and he has a great personality. Good luck to you Joe as you embark on your new journey!

Meet Kodi, a beautiful senior from Florida! I’d like to think I was the only reason Kodi came all the way from Florida!!…but unfortunately, I was a close second to her family! I was so happy we could work out a day for senior pics, she’s such a doll, see for yourself….

Shawna is a senior at Wayne Trace this year and I had so much fun taking her pictures; which by the way….she rocked! We found a special little place just outside of Payne (who would have thought?!) and I just loved it! I experimented with light and night time shooting…ooo, so fun!
{May 6, 2010}

so here’s my attempt at night shooting..what do ya think? I was laying on the ground in the middle of the road and had to run off to the side every ten seconds because of oncoming cars! I love it, I can’t wait to experiment some more!

is this not the most awesome tree?!

so gorgeous!!

Dalton is just a good ol’ country boy! He’s into hunting, big trucks, and snowmobiles! Right now he’s studying diesel engines and plans to work on big rigs after college. Great job Dalton, you were a blast! {April 19, 2010}

Meet the very beautiful, too funny Kaylyn! Kaylyn is graduating from Fairview this year and is going to college to become a nurse (so exciting!!). I had the best time ever taking her pictures, she had the best faces and just seemed to fall into awesome poses. Take a look for yourself, she’s gorgeous!! {April 2, 2010}