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If you hang around Becky for awhile, you just can’t help but be in a better mood…she is seriously a genuinely happy person. Her laugh is contagious…she was laughing, Ryan was laughing, I was laughing…it was so fun. Her and Ryan fit together perfectly, I loved hanging out with them…..just looking at their pictures puts me in a better mood!

I met up with Emily and Chris in Columbus, OH for their engagement session. They drove me around to a few cute locations, one in particular was called German Village, which had adorable houses and brick streets.  Emily and Chris were absolutely sweet together…….and definitely model material! I can’t wait for their wedding next may. 

Ashlyn and Charles are the type of people you just want to be around. If you were in a bad mood, being in their presence would certainly lift your spirits until you were laughing right along with them! They are seriously funny, adorable, and sweet…it’s almost too much too handle, lol.  We started at the pasture where Charles proposed to Ashlyn…I may have stepped in some horse poo along the way, but it was worth it! Then we ventured to a lovely home down the road where the family moving in so kindly let us roam around their property, how awesome!

a little water break and a photo bomb..
 They were even so kind as to show people what not to do in a photo session! I love these guys!
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RJ and Amber are seriously awesome. They have such busy schedules traveling for their jobs and both living in different states, I was glad we were able to work out a time to take their engagement pictures! They are genuinely happy people (with a flair for fashion) and I’m thrilled to be a part of their wedding day. 

 Adam and Brittany are such an adorable couple who will be getting married at the end of this month!  For their engagement session, we wanted to include the other loves of their life….their three handsome little boys!!  They were sooooo sweet….I almost couldn’t handle their cuteness. After we spent some time taking family pics, Brittany’s dad picked up the kiddos and we headed downtown to take more images with just Adam and Brittany….I can’t wait until the wedding!!

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