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Over memorial weekend, my husband and I traveled to Chicago to take engagement pictures for John and Kate. They made arrangements for us to stay at the Hyatt downtown across from the river….wow, such a great place! We got there a bit early and had lunch with some friends, who just happened to be visiting the city, and then we watched the weather channel like crazy to see if we would luck out and miss the rain. And like clockwork, it started raining right before our session. We decided to head to the Union Station so we could shoot some inside pictures, but as we got closer we heard very loud music and clapping….of course, why wouldn’t the ENTIRE Union Station be rented out for an Indian wedding?! So, we went around to use the overhang and pillars…and again, why wouldn’t there be another bridal party and an engagement shoot?! Needless to say, it wasn’t looking in our favor, but the rain started to settle and we were able to get some great shots outside. The sun did make a five minute appearance, but then we were greeted with more rain.  Although it didn’t go as planned, we had a ton of fun….got soaked, but I wouldn’t change anything! We decided to try taking a few more pictures the following day and were lucky to find a time between the rain where the sun stayed out for us the entire time. John and Kate were extremely generous, fun loving, and just wonderful people to walk around with in the rain city. I’m so excited to shoot their wedding this August!! I also have to give a shout out to my hubby, who hauled all of my equipment, umbrellas, clothes, and never complained one bit…he’s truly an awesome man.