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Meet the adorable Gnau family! This family is absolutely beautiful, but I’m not going to lie, they gave me a workout!! The boys were still for a nano-second; but I had a great time and was able to snag some sweet shots. Little Carter has amazing eyes and Cameron has the cutest little smile!! (mom and dad are pretty hot themselves!!) { July 1, 2010}

Let me introduce the beautiful Metzger family! They were so much fun, up for anything. Usually dads aren’t “into” the whole picture taking thing, but this dad was awesome! The kids were hilarious and mom was simply gorgeous. I had a great time and I can’t wait to take them again. {June 30, 2010}

Oh, little Owen is already nine months old! This time we added his gorgeous mommy and handsome daddy into the mix. They are all absolutely adorable, and Owen’s faces make me smile! {June 28, 2010}

I just love this one!!

look at those blue eyes!

Here’s the sweet Ogle family! Their kids were just the cutest things ever, and mom and dad were looking pretty darn good, too! Little Kenzie was getting tired after awhile, but she did great (her dad had a way to make her laugh) and little Gage was a bit ornery..but cute none the less!!

Meet my lovely neighbors, the Moore family! We went around to their barns and grain bins and had a good ol’ time! Their kids are all adorable, especially little Max. (He was teasing me quite a bit). Every one of them has gorgeous blue eyes (lucky, lucky!). { June 24, 2010}

this laugh just cracks me up!