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Heather’s family is oh sooo cute! We actually had two short sessions, because the first day the rain decided to pour on us! They have the perfect place for pictures, tons of cool locations, a pond, a woods, a field….we even rode a golf cart back to the pond (how fun is that?). I don’t know if it’s something about the middle child, but Heather’s middle son reminded me of my middle son, Cole. I just wanted to snatch him up and take him home (actually, I wanted to take all of the kids home, they were so adorable!).

nothing like children feet to put a smile on my face!

Meet my beautiful friend Lisa, and her adorable family! We had quite the adventure on her in-law’s farm…and one hurt little forehead (poor Luke!), but we managed to get some great shots! Her kids are soooo cute, I could just keep them!

Hello adorable Johnson family! It was a bit windy (gotta love country living!) when we ventured out to take their family pics, but they were troopers! The kids were stinkin cute and mom and dad looked awesome….I love families!!

what a beautiful smile!!

Meet the beautiful Metzger family! I met them in Delphos at the cutest location which had a decked out old cabin and tons of old farm equipment. Jess and her husband have their hands full with a set of twins and two young boys. The kids were off and running when we got there, there was so much to see and so many leaves to be thrown in the air, they were so adorable!

now just look at these faces!!
sweet baby!!

Meet the Treece family…ADORABLE! Brant and Rachel have been blessed with two super cute boys ( I loved watching them play). We drove down a dirt road to an awesome setting. Who knew Paulding county had such a hidden jewel to take pics…a few hills and the creek…so beautiful! This first pic says to me what a family is all about…