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Once of my most favorite families..the gorgeous Swagers!! We had a fun time playing around the kitchen, drinking hot chocolate, and playing games. I swear they could be in a magazine, they are simply beautiful. I love them!

Hello Williamson family! I’ve been taking Kimra and Jason’s pics for a few years now, and I love seeing how different the kids look each time. This time, they had a new addition to the family, little Maxton. If you don’t remember him, here he was as a newborn…so cute. This time we barely made it out before the leaves fell, the weather has been crazy around here lately!

Maxton now…he’s getting so big!
my buddy Griffin..remember him, too? I just took his birthday pics this summer…here’s a refresher..
and big brother Hayden
and of course, what would family pics be without an Ohio State pic??
I threw together some sample Christmas cards, too. Here’s the front of a 5×7 flat two sided card

this is an example of the trifold cards…my favorite! You have to picture it folded, so this would be the outside (the front, the inside flap, and the back)
and this would be the card inside unfolded all of the way

Meet the sweet Moon family! Their kids are soooo cute. I especially love this first picture of little Tatum! I hope to be able to take more of them in the future…it’s always so awesome to be able watch children grow up.

sweet little Rhyse

a little mommy and Tatum time!
a little mommy and daddy time!
seriously, how cute is she?!