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This past Tuesday I had the opportunity to meet the wonderful Williamson family. Chelsea, the beautiful daughter surprised her parents with a portrait session to celebrate twenty-five amazing years of marriage. Let me just say after twenty-five years, you can still see the love between them…they were adorable (and cracked me up!). The Williamsons are also the owners of an amazing produce farm called Rock Sea Farms. I’m looking forward to May when they will be open, so I can buy some fresh, delicious produce. Thanks for letting me celebrate with you!
{March 23, 2010}

Jason wanted me to put a disclaimer on this pic saying that he only uses John Deere!

and here’s my fave!

Hello Gass family!! Yesterday was so much fun with Amber and her wonderful family. We actually took most of the indoor shots in my dining room by a window (I love the way it turned out, plus I was getting tired of using the same backdrops). We then ventured outside in the snow…bbrrr, when is it going to warm up? Great job guys! {February 27th, 2010}

Father and son rocking out the tracks!

who’s in charge in this family?….ummmm, I think I have an idea!

love the mohawk

I absolutely love the Swager family! I know, I know, you here me say that all of the time, but seriously..I love them! God has blessed me so much with wonderful people to work with, I can’t thank Him enough. You probably won’t recognize her now, but I took baby Azlyn’s pics when she was first born; my has she grown. This time, I was introduced to her big brother Kail, who should be a little Gap model! Just look at how sweet this family is!! {February 11, 2010}
how cute is he?!

I just want to pinch her sweet little cheeks!

I absolutely love this pic! I adore mom’s expression in it, she looks so happy.

they have the same beautiful smile!

capturing life as it happens…

here’s one for grandma’s penguin collection!

Here’s my friend Betsy and her lovely family. Brady, her son, is the cutest little booger! He was quite rambunctious, too…he gave mom quite the workout, but it was worth the sweat. Too cute! {February 2, 2010}

here’s a 4×6 card I designed to show off his cute little faces!!