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I’ve said this before, but God truly blesses me with adorable clients!! Little Audrina is the cutest thing, and has the chubbiest little arms and legs. She made the sweetest faces, I love happy babies! { June 19, 2010}

Audrina with her lovely parents and big sis

aaww, sisters…

I can’t get enough of baby feet and hands, so precious!

I just love her face here!!

this one cracks me up!

what a beautiful family!

Meet the GORGEOUS Zamarripa family! This session was so fun for me because we got to go into the old Marsh Hotel in Van Wert, OH…and I loved everything about it! It was a really special place for Mike (the dad) because he spent a lot of time there playing when he was younger. {June 13, 2010}

this is such a cool place!

When many people get married, the husband-wife relationship kinda gets pushed to the side, so it’s very important for me to show the love between moms and dads (it’s the most important relationship in the family unit!!) These two were so sweet, it’s easy to tell they still have a spark!!

this is one of my all-time faves!

Shane wanted to get family pics with her brothers and sister and their families..whew!! We were planning on taking them at her parent’s house, but the rain had other plans! Luckily the Grand Wayne Center in Fort Wayne was open, so we tucked away inside and snapped some shots! These first few pics are of her sister and her cute family….

Shane’s brother and his lovely fam!

Shane’s family, too fun!

I love this one!!

Shane’s other brother and his sweet family…

and here’s the whole family with the lovely grandparents (the ones who started it all!)

Meet Sam, an adorable ten year old dog! Sam was recently diagnosed with leukemia and his owners wanted to get some pictures of him to capture his wonderful personality. We thought it would be pretty easy to capture some pics of Sam, because he’s usually laying around….but he was just like a two year old, running everywhere!! He was so curious, he made my day! I hope they will look back on these pictures and smile. { May 26, 2010}


ooh, a treat!

and finally as I was walking out the door, Sam decided to lay down!

Meet the lovely Seelye family! They were a blast to take pictures with; the kids all had different personalities and cracked me up! They were willing to do just about anything, even eat ice cream cones!! { May 24, 2010}