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Baby Mason| A Birth Story

It’s always good to have a birth plan..but sometimes you have to be prepared for the plan to change. JoAnn knows this first hand. She was put on bed rest for the last trimester of her pregnancy due to low amniotic fluid. Because her fluid was so low, the doctors wanted the baby out by 36 weeks. Thinking she was going to meet her baby sometime Saturday, JoAnn went into the hospital Friday evening to start her induction. Because the baby was only 36 weeks, JoAnn’s body just wasn’t ready…After three days (yes, you heard me, three days on meds to induce!), she was finally taken back for a c-section. Of course, I was bummed because I couldn’t be with her to capture the first moments of her baby’s life..but I was able to see them within 30 minutes. It was a boy!! Baby Mason…perfectly healthy…did I say perfect?! Congrats Derrick and JoAnn on your sweet baby, I can’t wait to take his newborn pics soon!!

Don’t forget to mute the music player on the right before watching the video….

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